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Your a ghost?


I am ghost.




Where’s the 160 that was only around for a year or two, I never did see one in person was too young, I still can’t believe they made a 160 can you imagine lickin the time seal off those and railin em holy fuck

160mg were intense. Only for the experienced haha. I understand why they were discontinued.

dude aren’t you 20 according to your blog? That means you were 5 when they puled them off the market, Im 8 years older than you if I was too young to see em you sure as hell were, not to mention youd be the only ten year old in the world in 2004 that would’ve been able to find a 160 and I doubt you had a hefty oxy habit at 10

lol I have to get it on this. 

they started producing 160mg oxy in 2000 and then pulled them from the market no later than 2002.

I was 15 in 2004 and had the incredible opportunity to see ONE.  it was very expired and likely stolen from someone’s grandma’s medicine cabinet.  I remember going halfsies on it with my friend [we paid 30$ each] and only snorting a quarter of it at a time.  and still being totally wasted.  I had initially thought it was fake because it wasn’t round like all the other ones lol.

oh the good old Florida heydays.  sometimes I want a time machine.  :[

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lol, well.  at least someone seems to agree with me.  Josh.  ahem. 

and yes I am super upbeat and crazy all the time that’s why I did drugs they make me normal.  :[

everyone come to Florida and kick it with me?!  idk.

back when life was good.



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You live in Melbourne? Shout out from Hollywood

oh hey!

dude I miss south florida SO bad. I want to come back.  whoever you are let me come sleep on your couch. :[

assorted hydromorph contin

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I wish we could be friends. You seem chill as fuck.

nahhhh you just wanna be friends cause I’m a girl on the internet and I run a drug blog and I am actually attractive.  it’s cool though.

I’m actually a raging cunt and everybody hates me.  just so you know. 

sitting in the dark on tumblr drinking tequila from the bottle.  oh, you know, the usual.

I am a rare and mythical beast. 


yeah I took your money.. yeah maybe tht makes me a bad person but who the FUCK gives someone $280 and says “take your time and just hit me up later”…. sorry but I’m pretty sure any fuckin one would have done that to someone they met over tumblr.. I don’t know you and you don’t know me from a hole…

this is like saying that everyone who does drugs has to be a junkie piece of shit 100% of the time.  this inane ‘charge it 2 da game’ bullshit is just that, bullshit.

and telling Jake ‘yeah you should have known better’ is also ridiculous.  when you make a business deal with someone you ‘should' honor it.  we all should also not do drugs and should be doing this that and the other but what the fuck.


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Why do you like ms better than as

I have always been a big supporter of Mallinckrodt.

so much so that I know how to spell it correctly without looking it up.

they are of superior quality.

most recent place I have found a hidden rig I forgot about. 

oops.  :]

even though I have done stepwork and etc etc

I still secretly laugh inside and hope that every drug addict motherfucker who thinks they are somehow better than other drug addicts — because, for example, they only do pills and not shoot dope — ends up shooting dope and homeless for being a judgmental prick.

they call them ‘yets’ for a reason lololol

just sayin.